July 30, 2020

In the Jungle named 2020

Columbia@Roundabout Winner!

Devon will receive a reading orchestrated by Roundabout Theatre and more...

DEVON KIDD is a New York-based writer, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with aspirations of establishing his voice in various entertainment mediums including poetry, playwriting, television, and film. With a passion for writing both surrealist and realist works in fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, and drama, Devon possesses the ability to succeed in numerous genres while maintaining a distinct voice...

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Zoomfest: The Theatrical Podcast

In response to Covid-19, Devon Kidd and Producer Sean Chia launched Zoomfest: The Theatrical Podcast in March of 2020. Since its launch, Zoomfest:TTP has collaborated with over 50 artists, on six episodes, and has been listened to in over ten countries. 

All episodes, can be found on Spotify for free!

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